Working in the coffee industry could be a challenge! However, as in any challenge, either passion, preparation and dedication will allow us to achieve any goal. It is a matter of creating the necessary tools, according to the area of interest within the industry, and understand the context where we want to grow up.

Today, the coffee industry is very attractive for entrepreneurs who are seeking to start their own projects under the banner of this noble drink. The truth is that if you don't understand the industry and don't have a structured plan, your project may be stuck sooner than you think.

With the right professional assessment from experts in area before starting in the coffee industry you will be prepared to:


Know the real viability of the project and redirecting efforts to save time and money.


Have real opportunities to grow within the industry.

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At The Cafelier, we are experts in specialty coffee and our greatest interest is to provide strategic advice for your business. Together we will study your business proposal, evaluate its limitations, strengths and real viability to create the right marketing and sales strategies in short and medium term. This will allow your business to have a sustainable growth over time.


Panama is famous for the unique Panama Canal that connects the world, and today it is also known for the Specialty Coffee.

This great product grows in the country’s fertile lands and diverse microclimates that have led the Panamanian Coffee conquer the palate of experts all over the world.

Businesses related to gastronomy are now starting to evaluate, for the first time, the quality of coffee served to costumers. Specially in Panama, the cradle of specialty coffee, it is a pride and a duty that we are pleased to fulfill.

The Cafelier can help you creating a quality coffee menu that truly represents the name of Panamanian coffee through your business. We evaluate the needs in terms of volume, extraction equipment, budget and, from there, we offer the coffee that best suits your needs.

Our service includes the coffee proposal for your business, delivery of roasted coffee based on the existing extraction equipment and volume, as well as advice regarding the machines to use and coffee pairing.

We are here to support you in these first steps. Contact Us

“Long-term sustainable change only happens when people discover their true power”
- Pierre Omidyar

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