Coffe Cupping

Only a producer who is capable of knowing the quality and sensory value of his coffee will be able to establish a fair price for this product.

The Cafelier analyzes both the physical and sensory quality of coffee with the aim of giving our assessments and recommendations to improve the different processes involved within coffee production, as well as agricultural practices.

This evaluation is carried out by Q-Grader Valentina Pedrotti following the international cupping protocol by SCA (Association of Specialty Coffee). Once the coffee has been analyzed, it allows us to identify attributes, defects, and possible causes.

In addition, The Cafelier creates blends for different types of extraction equipment and thus offers a product of the best quality for your customers.

If you are interested in knowing your product in terms of quality and being able to determine the right price for your coffee, send us a sample of green coffee (300 gr) labeled with an identification code.

Results will be delivered in 2 /3 business days.

“Cupping is the most basic tool that allows us to make important decisions in our business”
- Valentina Pedrotti