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Who is Valentina Pedrotti?

Valentina Pedrotti is a young entrepreneur, biologist with master's degree in Environmental Sciences and Q-Grader.

Valentina’s career in the world of coffee began in San Luis Potosí - Mexico, in a small community called San Francisco de Tamazunchale. Was in 2015 when for the first time she had a tangible, organic and direct contact with coffee.

Valentina had the opportunity to meet and live with producers, right in their humble but warm homes. She listened their stories, visited their farms and understood their reality, including all their technical and training difficulties, the unfair value chain that limits producers and the effects of migration which have gradually reduced the coffee production in the area.

All this physical and intellectual journey around coffee, convinced her to continue working in this area. Valentina understood that her contribution to the world of coffee could come from her applied science background, powers of observation, and fascination with the flavors of the world.

Panama was her next step. Internationally considered the cradle of specialty coffee and a benchmark for the best coffees in the world, this is the ideal place to learn from the best The peculiarity of coffee, the fineness processes and the traceability requirement, have made this an exceptional school of coffee.

This is how The Cafelier was created, a comprehensive platform focused on specialty coffee that provides online and face-to-face training programs, as well as advice to local producers for the application of sustainable and regenerative production techniques that improve coffee quality.

This direct experience with local producers gives The Cafelier the tools to select the best beans, which is marketed through The Cafelier Origins. The coffee we promote goes hand in hand with the producers directly to your cup, guaranteeing a value chain fair, a quality product and the highest standards that define Panama's specialty coffee.

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